Program Curriculum

Students are provided authentic learning experiences which are characterized by activities that emphasize intra/interpersonal capabilities, building trust and communication skills, critical thinking/problem solving skills, collaboration, understanding the importance of teamwork through mutual support, and recognizing and valuing ones own individuals abilities.

These authentic learning experiences are achieved through lessons taught by Inter-Act staff. They included: adventure hikes, night hikes, nature studies, challenge and adventure ropes course, career exploration, natural history, and outdoor camping.

In making curriculum choices, Inter-Act’s Leadership Institute is influenced by tenets of the California Department of Education such as the need for: (1) learning by experiencing hands-on lessons, (2) teacher and student collaboration, (3) critical thinking, (4) application of leadership concepts outside of the classroom environment, (5) integration of subjects across the curriculum, (6) enhancing self esteem and responsibility.

The development of inter/intrapersonal skills is also supported by Daniel Goleman’s research on emotional intelligence (1994, 2002). His view that the emotional and social quotient of an individual is just as important as the intelligence quotient is a basic foundation of the Inter-Act program curriculum.

Sample Schedule

TIME Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Communication & Trustbuilding

Teambuilding & Interpersonal Intrapersonal & Confidence Building

Group Leadership

Personal Recognition

8 - 9 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9 - 10 am Staff Prep Games & Initiatives Yosemite Valley Field Trip High Ropes Course Collegiate Academic “Quiz” Bowl
10 - 11 am Staff Prep Awards & Recognition
11 - 12 am Student Arrival Magic Circle - Closure
12 - 1 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1 - 2 pm Room Assignments Low Ropes Course Activities Yosemite Valley Field Trip Mini-Olympics Good-byes
2 - 3 pm Introductions & Orientation
3 - 4 pm Icebreakers
4 - 5 pm Recreation Recreation Recreation Recreation
5 - 6 pm Showers Showers Showers Showers
6 - 7 pm Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
7 - 8 pm Communication Skills Ethnic Images Goal Setting Career Awareness
8 - 9 pm Campfire: Visual & Performing Arts Campfire: Visual & Performing Arts
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