Program Background

The Inter-Act educational philosophy is based on the premise that a person learns best by doing and that such experiences can be applied to "real life" situations.

Inter-Act adapts to the organization or agency needs with the primary purpose of fostering the development of leadership, self-confidence, and cooperation through hands on experiences.

The Inter-Act vision conceptualizes learning for this century through experiential opportunities that go beyond the four walls of the classroom. It is an adventure-based, holistic experience where many skills are developed and taught in an outdoor retreat setting. Participants are challenged both individually and as a group through challenge activities, curriculum sound instruction, and group processing which supports communication and problem solving skills.

Inter-Act instructors teach through challenging experiences where metaphors and analogies are applied to situations. These situations are compared and transferred to the student's personal life. Migrant students are guided in making the connection between what an activity represents and how it applies to them in school, at home, etc.


Inter-Act represents over forty years of combined experience in staff and youth development. The Inter Act staff leaders have years of experience in the field of education.

Most being former migrant students and all are bilingual. Inter-Act's core staff hold doctoral and advanced degrees and are current educators and researchers who have conducted state, national and international seminars and training for staff development and youth leadership programs.


Inter-Act has received national and international recognition as an exemplary approach to working with ethnically diverse populations. In addition to having local television recognition, we were also featured on:

  • An international television program called Despierta America, Univision Television Network on December 10, 1997. This program is broadcast throughout North and South America and Europe.
  • The directors of the Inter-Act program were featured in a book entitled "Encuentros: Hombre a Hombre". The premise of the book was to showcase 42 male role models in the Latino community. This California Department of Education publication was intended to serve as a motivational, informational tool for Latino males.
  • Our program was also featured on a PBS special "A Migrant Way of Life", highlighting exemplary programs for migrant youth in California (November 12, 13, 2004).

Inter-Act Staff

The Inter-Act staff consists of over 20 instructors. Professional backgrounds include teachers, principals and program coordinators, graduate and undergraduate university students.

Essential to Inter-Act is the use of a career ladder approach that includes college students as cabin counselors. These college students are selected from the ranks of former participants in the migrant program. The selection is based primarily on leadership aptitude and academic skill. Care is taken to select a staff that serve as role models and who are culturally sensitive to the special needs of the migrant population which, historically, has been one of the poorest, least educated and most neglected groups in American society. Alternative education approaches such as challenge and adventure have positively influenced California's migrant population.

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