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The Inter-Act educational philosophy is based on the premise that academic and personal developments are equally important in healthy development thus creating the need for a more holistic learning environment for youth. Inter-Act education provides authentic learning experiences that can be applied to “real life” situations through guided instruction and counseling. Inter-Act collaborates with County Offices of Education, Migrant Education, Unified School Districts, Higher Education, Community Colleges and Corporations to conduct Educational Projects that enhance:

  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Trust/Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Personal Confidence
  • Goal Setting Skills

During the past twenty years we have provided educational experiences for more than 30,000 participants.


Inter-Act has received national and international recognition as an exemplary approach to working with ethnically diverse populations. In addition to having local television recognition, we were also featured on:

  • An international television program called “Despierta America”, Univision Television Network on December 10, 1997. This program is broadcast throughout North and South America and Europe.
  • The directors of the Inter-Act program were featured in a book entitled "Encounters: Man to Man.” The premise of the book was to showcase 42 male role models in the Latino community. This California Department of Education publication was intended to serve as a motivational, informational tool for Latino males.
  • Our program was also featured on a PBS special "A Migrant Way of Life", highlighting exemplary programs for migrant youth in California (November 12, 13, 2004).